Atelier Zer0 offers a range of global services in order to find creative, innovative and practical solutions that effectively respond to the clients’ demands.

The studio is composed of a highly skilled and capable multidisciplinary team of professionals with different creative and technical skills, who occasionally collaborate with a solid network of suppliers and partners. Atelier Zer0 specialises in areas such as scenography, design and art direction, developing scenography projects for museums, exhibitions, television and theatre, public and private spaces, costume design/wardrobe for cinema and theatre, art direction for cinema and advertising commercials.

Museums and Exhibition Design
We see all exhibitions as unique … as communication platforms that seduce visitors with a distinctive design that offers a moving sensorial experience. Atelier Zer0 cultivates the whole process of exhibition development and implementation around a concept that serves the exhibition’s contents and compliments the client’s necessities, language and image. As it is a field in constant evolution, the studio, crafts creative, innovative and practical solutions, rising to the challenge of developing communicative ambients that establish context and ‘tell an engaging story’ in a three dimensional space that involves the visitor.

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Space Design
The concept of spaces/ambients, public or private, interior or exterior, rests on the kind of human activities that will occur in this space and will therefore be developed with intrinsic functionality, usability and accessibility.

The multidisciplinary team develops space design projects with a vision that embraces architecture, art, landscaping and construction.

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Art Direction of TV Commercials and Cinema
Research is developed in order to reach a ‘mood’ that embraces the film visual concept. Once the visual concept is found, and after a first presentation to the director or client, the ambient is developed through working tools in the construction of a digital model. This allows the creation of an animation with the aim of showing the intended shots represented in the ‘film treatment’ proposed by the director.

The ambient proposal includes materials, colours, props and lighting, allowing the definition of the necessary zones to the scenery lighting when it is built in studio.

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Scenography and Costume Design
Atelier Zer0 develops scenography projects and costume design for television, theatre, advertising films and events.

From a briefing or text and according to stage director or director guidelines we develop a project that integrates the objectives using the studio know-how and technical resources.

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